Struggling for internet is one of modern life’s real annoyances. Particularly when you need to send that urgent e-mail or get lost on one of our great nation’s roads. Well, in the US, they have a solution thanks to the Karma, a portable wifi hotspot!

Karma Portable Wifi

The Karma is a small box that offers a contract-free, pay-as-you-go online service and even the ability to earn free data by sharing your connection with other Joes. The device couldn’t be simpler – simply press a button to power it on and rings on the side flash white to indicate it’s connected.

On an accompanying Karma mobile app, you can add more data, check your signal and your battery life, track your data usage in real-time, and also check who been connecting to your data.

The device is pretty small and you should be able to fit it in your pocket. The Karma also has a pretty good charge, offering up to 220 hours of battery life in standby mode, or around five hours during use.

The obvious flaw is that the Karma does rely on established network companies in the US – namely, Sprint’s Nationwide 4G LTE network, with fall-back of 3G CDMA. Sprint’s coverage, however, is pretty far reaching, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, the Karma is really made for emergencies.

There’s no monthly subscription for Karma – it works essentially just like a pay-as-you-go phone. A GB of data costs $14 (around £9) and there’s a discount system in place if you buy in bulk. Buying 10GBs will cut the price down to $9.90 per GB, for example.

Here the big problem – unfortunately Karma is only for Joes over in the States. But if the business grows, Karma are expected to make their way over to the UK, almost certainly starting in London. The Karma is on sale for $149, which works at around £95. Not bad at all for a great online back up. We just hope it makes its way to these shores. Get over to the Karma Website for more details.




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