There are three kinds of kitchen people – those that love their kitchen, those that loathe their kitchen and those that don’t have a kitchen. If you do have a kitchen, here’s our pick of products, gifts and gadgets to make sure you are making the very most of your pride and joy!

Kitchen Gadget Gift Ideas

Now, whilst no two kitchens are ever the same, many of us will of course face the same trials and tribulations, as such, there is bound to be a number of the below gadgets that tickle your fancy and make your job, or the job of a loved one much easier, and cooler!

Bugatti UMA scales & Vita Juicer

A lot of kitchen gadgets are often criticised for being purely style over substance. Bugatti have struck a chord between both of these though with their incredibly beautiful set of scales. They’ll do a good job and you’d want to leave them out rather than hide them in a cupboard. Similarly, this is the case with their Vita Juicer, it’ll get your all juiced up and has a wonderful little tilt-to-pour mechanism.


Chilli Mill

Do you like spicy food? More and more people are turning to the spicier side of cooking as they realise the potential health benefits that chillis can provide, on top of the fact that they can make the most bland of dishes that little bit better. The Chilli Mill allows you to pop any strength of dried chilli inside and grind away to add your own spice. Now, where can you get a dried Carolina Reaper Chilli?


X-Wing Knife Block & Samurai Kitchen Knives

Having a quality set of knives in a kitchen is the sign of a true chef. However, having a quality set of knives set in a damn fine looking knife block is the sign of a man who knows the true compromise of style and substance. Instead of that classic magnetic knife rack that every Tom, Dick and Harry has, or that Voodoo knife block that has been doing the rounds for years, we suggest the X-wing, for the geek-chic chef or the samurai knife set for some vegetable slashing.


Cocktail Masters

Being a dab hand in the kitchen also stretches to providing your guests with quality drinks – everyone knows you don’t win Come Dine With Me unless your guests get suitably sloshed. The cocktail masters range provide the essential tools for specific cocktails all in one place, no need to go scrabbling around the draws looking for the knife, scissors, strainer, etc. Grab ones to help expedite your Mojito, Margherita or Martini making.


Ligne W Origine handmade corkscrews

The height of sophistication, when hosting a dinner party, is having the most perfectly paired wine choice with enough knowledge to back that up. We will leave that part to you, however, we do recommend that when you do have the wine ready to go, that you at least open it with some style. The Linge W Origine range adds just that, and a bit of a story too, as it is a quality made corckscrew with a wooden handle crafted from former wine barrel, coming attached with a history of where & how it was made.


The Aqua Zinger

Lets face facts, whilst water is one of the building blocks of life (and the essence of wetness -Zoolander), it is also pretty boring. The Aqua Zinger is a refreshing way to change that up, by chucking fruit or veg into the bottom unit, you end up a with delightfully flavor infused bottle of water. Of course, that depends on what you put in.

Buy from Zing Anything.

Thermomix & Polyscience Smoking Gun

These two are really very unique items. We’ve put them together as one, as we experienced both when we were cooking alongside Masterchef’s Tim Anderson. The Thermomix is, well, the msot cultish and best-loved kitchen gadget out there to those in the know (they don’t even sell them in shops). It is a super machine that can cook, clean, boil, stew, simmer, blend, grind, whisk, grate, mill, puree, weigh, heat, steam, crush, chop AND mince. You’ll need a demonstration. The smoking gun works by burning wood chips, for you to then funnel the smoke into sealed bags of food to get them absorbing the flavours. Its pretty fancy and pretty fun to do too!


Eggsplode Egg Cup And Soldier Cutter

This almost didn’t make the list, but since eggs are a wonderful source of protein and nobody should start the day without one, why not enjoy it in a manly a way as possible?


There we have it, our Gift guide for Kitchen Lovers and Cooks! Did we miss your favourite gadget?? Let us know!



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