Klafs Retractable S1 Sauna

Space can be one of modern day livings biggest problems – especially for us Joes in the City. But there are solutions out there – particularly if you’ve always wanted a sauna in your house! Check out the new S1 Sauna from Klafs, the world’s first sauna that can retract at the touch of a button.

Just like a zoom lens on a camera, the S1 Sauna functions as a regular sauna before retracting back to resemble a humble wardrobe. When retracted, the Sauna S1 is a slender 60cm but when extended, the S1 offers Joes plenty of space to relax with a depth of 1.6m.

It does all this through the simple push of a button. Simply push it and the new S1 just takes just 21 seconds to expand from the size of a wall closet to a ready-to-go sauna. The gentle movement of the sauna is also stopped automatically if something gets in the way, so you won’t be losing any toes!

The frame of the sauna is made from an extremely robust, non-deforming wood sandwich wall construction, which is around 40 percent lighter than a conventional sauna of the same size. Eastern hemlock is the wood of choice and it’s able to easily handle large fluctuations in temperature and humidity, so this thing will last.

There’s also a couple of extra added gadgets with the S1 such as he Bellasensa coloured light projection system which lets you bathe your Sauna in your favourite colours. There’s also a built-in audio system which Klafs are calling the ‘RelaxAudio System’. RelaxAudio transforms the entire rear wall of the sauna into a loudspeaker. Naturally it connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Available in three sizes, with five different exterior trims and four different front panels, the Klafs S1 Sauna is available now. Check out ordering details on the Klafs Website.

Klafs S1 Sauna 3
Klafs S1 Sauna 2