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For those that travel around the world on a regular basis for business or leisure, and equally for those once a year trip’ers – it goes without saying that roaming and the charges that ensue following going abroad are an ongoing issue.

KnowRoaming is a revolutionary sticker which works alongside an app for your smartphone to make international travel with your phone a less costly exercise. All that needs to occur for the intelligent sticker to start helping you out, is for you to apply it to the front of your SIM with the supplied applicator, thus ensuring that your phone stays off roaming, and also the sticker allows you to track your phone spending in real time, with the option of having a local number in the country of your choice.


At just £22, the sticker may be a bit fiddly most, but until new roaming laws come into play next year, it could be a must for the next few months, allowing you the freedom to select your network carrier, top up your minutes, and use your phone at your leisure.

Gimmick or not? Let us know if you have given it a try.



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