I remember gaming back in the 90’s and playing the original Counter Strike (1.6 and well before!) using a ball mouse, yes that’s how old I am! Things did change though, precision optical mice became the norm, and when coupled with a specialist mouse mat, could make all the difference between a Kill or a Death. Well now we are heading even further, the future is here, welcome the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse.

Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The Masterpeice is part of a collaboration between Thermaltake and member of the BMW Group, DesignworksUSA. It also drafts in pr0 gamers such as Kai “Kaii” Schäfer for real world experience and true geekery.

level 10 m gaming mouse

The Pro-Gaming Computer Mouse Level 10 M is a work of art, a thing of beauty, and in all honesty, not really a mouse! The top (hand rest) can be individually adjusted for height and lateral inclination, and of course there are a number of programmable buttons. The top casing is also drilled, to allow the users hand to keep cool at all times, and the mouse can be illuminated in different colours.


  • 3D Steering Axis Movement
  • Solid Aluminium base
  • Air-Through Ventilation System
  • Intelligent Software Application

It seems Level 10 gaming is here to stay, the mouse is now the second piece, and expect more soon. We heard the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Release Date will be pretty much now, and you can grab it in four colour (Diamond Black, Iron White, Military Green and Blazing Red) for a pretty reasonable price of $99. We are off to order one, open up Excel and put it through it’s paces!

pro gaming level 10 m mouse



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