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Lexus SLIDE Hoverboard

The latest video in Lexus’ ‘Amazing in Motion’ series caught us a little off-guard with a short video that seems to show the company have achieved Back to the Future 2’s dreams and successfully a board that hovers an inch above the ground!

So what details have Lexus released? The honest answer is not too much. What we do know is Lexus are calling it the SLIDE.

We also know that Lexus have been working on a hoverboard for the last 18 months by teams in Germany and over here in London, and a prototype has been made that is currently being tested by a skateboarder in Barcelona.

We don’t know the specifics of the technology but Lexus have claimed that unlike most hover-tech we’ve seen in the past that solely uses super strong magnets for levitation, they are using liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors as well as permanent magnets to support a joy-rider. That will explain the foggy mist that’s coming off the board then!

While the SLIDE almost certainly won’t have the manoeuvrability of Marty McFly’s board, we’ve got high hopes that Lexus can pull something worthy out of the bag. The only major problem is that Lexus has admitted that the board only works on special metallic surfaces at the moment. So essentially the concrete seen in the video is fake.

As cool as the video is, worryingly it doesn’t actually show someone riding the SLIDE. Lexus has apparently promised more videos of it being tested, though. So we’ll just have to bide our time. Go over to the Lexus SLIDE Hoverboard Website for updates and take a look at the initial video below.




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