LG Rolly Keyboard

While full-sized keyboards are great when you’ve got a load to write, they’re hardly the most portable of devices. If you’ve got a tablet and are desperate to browse the web with a keyboard made of matter, LG are here to help with their Rolly!

Designed to be a pocket keyboard – although we’re not entirely sure anyway has pockets deep enough – the LG Rolly keyboard dons a slim cuboid design which sees four rows of keys wrap around each other to create one long LG log.

The QWERTY layout has everything you’d find on a standard board barring numbers or F keys rows at the top. But don’t worry, numbers, being fairly important, are still accessible through the Function button (Fn).

If you’re picky about your QWERTY layout, you should know that the Enter key on the Rolly is also one row higher, as well as the delete button being made smaller and it’s positioned conspicuously and ominously close to the return button. Be careful dissertation writers!

LG say the keys on the Rolly have a 17mm pitch which are almost on par with the 18mm offering on regular desktop keyboards, so it shouldn’t feel too different.

If you do have a tablet you want to use with the Rolly, there’s also a very handy built-in stand, which means you can easily and swiftly prop up your tablet (or smartphone). It connects to your devices via Bluetooth 3.0 but annoyingly the Rolly doesn’t have recharge capabilities, so you’ll need a good supply of single AAA batteries.

There’s two main problems we can find with the Rolly keyboard. Firstly, it’s actually not that small and will look awfully… shall we say, suspicious, if you walk down the street with the Rolly rod in your pocket… We’re also not so sure there’s a great need for it. Most Joes don’t buy tablets if they need bulk writing done.

The LG Rolly keyboard doesn’t have a price yet or even a UK release date but it’s expected to reach here at the end of the year after a launch in the US this September.