LG Urbane Smartwatch

Just by looking at it, you wouldn’t know the LG Urbane Smartwatch was ‘smart’ at all. The stainless steel case and natural leather strap makes it look contemporary but very much still a traditional timepiece. But believe it or not, this is smartwatch with all the gizmos you’d expect from one.

The LG Watch Urbane is aimed at the ‘sophisticated and cosmopolitan wearer’, that will be us then…! It’s built around a 1.3-inch full circle Plastic OLED display and is powered by Android Wear. Its features include a gyro, an accelerometer, a compass, a barometer and a heart rate sensor.

The Watch Urbane has a stainless steel body and a 22 mm removable leather watch band and has IP67 water and dust resistance. While there are no dimensions for the product yet, LG say it’s thinner than the 9.7 mm G Watch R and it has a smaller bezel.

Available with a polished silver or gold finish, the LG Urbane Smartwatch is one of the most subtle smartwatches to date, and we think that’s a very good thing. Smartwatches will struggle to sell until they look appealing first and JG have gone even further than the already beautiful Moto360.

The price hasn’t been announced yet but it does makes us a little on edge when companies start using the ‘luxury’ word. Having said that, speculation suggests it won’t be costing much more than the £300 G Watch R. The price is expected at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which takes place in a couple of weeks. So keep a look out for more details soon.