Four years ago, the call-only Light Phone was launched with its designers saying they wanted their phone “to be used as little as possible”. The OG was successful enough that Light is back with its second product, the Light Phone 2. And this time it wants to replace your smartphone for good.

Go Back to Basics with the Light Phone 2

We all know that our lives revolve and unhealthy amount around a little handset that lights up. But even for the most ardent of socialites, the smartphone’s incessant stream of notifications and app distractions just aren’t good for your equilibrium. Well, the Light Phone 2 is looking to change all that.

Perhaps the most notable change to the original Light Phone is a new Black & White matte E-Ink display. As well as helping it look ultra-sleek and modern, it also makes the Light Phone 2 the most visible phone around when being used outdoors. It’s incredibly energy efficient too and comes with 4G LTE.


According to the maker, it’s a more reliable, durable, and practical phone and just like the original, simple communication is the heart of the device. Only this time, you can send messages as well as make phone calls. There’s even speed dials and a pretty minimalist looking contacts page.


But while Light are definitely saying ‘no’ to social media and email, they are exploring what they call ‘tools’. Though they’re not committing to anything just yet, they do say that the phone’s 4G connectivity and E-ink screen means that they are looking at potential satnav-type options, as well as the likes of playlists and weather updates; ‘ We’ll work with our backers to include tools that make sense, in the ‘lightest’ possible way.’

The Light Phone 2 is currently being funded over at Indiegogo with a view to shipping the thing in April 2019. There’s just one problem; they’re currently selling the bare basics phone for around £180 ($250). And that’s with discount off the $400 RRP. Incredibly, the Light Phone 2 has already reached its target but we think we’ll stick with our Nokia 3310 if we want basics!




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