Little British Monitor

With the amount of music speakers on offer in the current market, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Most speakers tend to find a single unique selling point, whether it be size, quality or connectivity. The Little British Monitor is attempting to address all three of these features and more.

The Little British Monitor, or ‘LBM’ as the kids on the street are calling it, is a desktop sized, aptX Bluetooth enabled, fully active and professional quality speaker. Equally suited to the quality conscious recording engineer, musician or music lover.

But here’s the real twist in the tale – The LBM will be available as both a professional ready-to-rock product, and as a project kit with step-by-step instructions so Joes can build their very own!

The kit is an excellent project for any Joe interested in hardware, electronics and sound. The small size, pre-assembled circuit and lack of dangerous voltages mean this is suitable for all skill levels.

But if you want the boring old ready-made LBM, you won’t be disappointed. It comes with what the makers are calling ‘Little Feet.’ These devices help the speaker stand and dissipate vibration and isolate the speaker from your desk or shelf.

As this is the 21st century, it’s naturally small to fit on your desktop and also its Bluetooth enabled so can wirelessly stream music without any loss of sound quality. This is thanks to the technical wizardry that’s been thrown into the LBM.

Practically every compact speaker currently uses class-D digital amplifiers. But usually this means excessive distortion that would totally negate the use of a high quality tweeter. The LBM comes with Class-AB amplifiers which need a bigger heatsink and power supply, but reward the user with significantly better sound.

The 3″ woofer in the LBM can also move twice as much air as other similar size drivers thanks to its ‘long throw’ capability. Combined with a high quality magnet system and voice-coil the LBM woofer punches fast and tight with a minimum of distortion.

For the DIY Joes, you should know the LBM also comes compatible with active crossover and Amp PCB. This means the circuit is pre-assembled and has user configurable 4th order filters and can be setup as 2-way stereo with 4x 25watts or 3-way mono with 1x 50watts and 2x 25watts… Whatever that means!

Available in either a Walnut or Oak effect finish, the Little British Monitor is being funded on crowd-funding website Kickstarter and has already reached its goal with over 20 days to go! You can get hold of your own British desktop speaker to build from the Kickstarter Website for £269 or get a fully built and furbished LBM with prices starting at £404.