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Lucy Smart Mirror

If you didn’t know, natural light is great for us. It can help Joes improve their sleep, mood, metabolism, and even workplace performance. But sometimes the sun’s rays can be hard to come by – particularly for you urban living Joes where windows are at a premium. Well, here to help you make the most of those rays is Lucy!

In short, Lucy is a single, solar-powered mirror encased in a spherical globe. Once you’ve placed Lucy in a spot with a view of the sun, you can point her nose towards the ceiling of any room you want and illuminate that dank space.

With photo sensors that track the sun’s position, Lucy gradually rotates throughout the day to maintain that light. All you need to do is point the ‘nose’ of the sphere. Lucy then spreads the sun’s light to wherever you want it.

No installation is required and as Lucy is solar-powered, which means you can take it anywhere without wires limiting you.

It can be used indoors or out as the sphere is hermetically closed so rain and snow can’t get in. That means Lucy is perfect for the gardeners out there who want to ensure their plants are getting ample light, regardless if they’re indoors or outside.

Lucy is most definitely spherical, so to make sure she doesn’t roll away, the makers have thrown in a resting post which means you can lay it on any horizontal service. There are also plans to develop more accessories which would be Lucy could be placed literally anywhere.

It should also be said that Lucy is beautiful piece of design that will fit perfectly in any modern living space or office. You can pre-order a Lucy on her Website where it’s being sold for around £130/$199. First models of Lucy are due to be sent out in early 2016.




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