With smartphones taking over pretty much every aspect of our lives now, it’s no great surprise to see add-on gadgets becoming more and more advanced. The Lumu Power light meter is something that will almost definitely benefit the pro photographers out there but also any aspiring amateurs to learn their craft.

Lumu Power Smartphone Light Meter

The Lumu Power smartphone light meter incorporates two state-of-the art sensors that together are ‘better than human eyes.’ They come together so before taking images with your camera, Joes can get readings on the Colour Temperature, White Balance, Flash and Ambient Exposure or Illuminance. All you need is the plug in device and a simple accompanying app.

It’s not rocket science but the light that comes from the overhead fluorescent lights in your office is nothing like the light that pours from your chandelier at home. So it’s important to get the colour temperature at a level that gives you the best image quality possible.

Lumu Power Smartphone Light Meter 1
Once you have that Colour Temperature value, you can then adjust the White Balance of your camera. The Lumu app will tell you the required value of Tint compensation (Green vs. Magenta cast) for the perfect white.

If you are one of them pros working as a lighting designer or Director of Photography, the Lumu app also has a ‘Filters’ mode that will help you to measure the colour difference between multiple light sources and help you to choose the right filter to match them.

Lumu Power Smartphone Light Meter 4
In addition to measuring ambient incident light, Lumu Power is capable of measuring flash light. Measure illuminance is as simple as possible too with presets that check if the right illuminance levels are reached. The measurements are then saved.

The Lumu Power light meter is being sold on Kickstarter where it’s already smashed through its target with 15 days to go – Joes clearly think it’s as nifty as we do! You can get hold of one for around £130 ($199) with shipping expected in June 2016. Head over to the Lumu Power Kickstarter Website for more details.

Lumu Power Smartphone Light Meter 2



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