It’s very rarely we come across something genuinely new in the technology market – especially when it comes to speakers. But we think the Lyric Speaker most definitely falls into that category. The unique high-end speaker has been fitted with a translucent LCD screen which displays the lyrics of songs you play through it!

Lyric Speaker

Once connected to any device, the wireless Lyric Speaker not only plays your tunes to a high quality, it also uses that built-in Wifi to lookup the lyrics to the song and even analyses the mood of it, displaying both the words and algorithmically-created motion graphics on its translucent LCD screen.

But how does it know the lyrics? Well, the Chinese-made Lyric Speaker is affiliated with Puchiriri, the country’s largest lyrics database company. With over 120 million songs on their database, it’s not too much of a stretch to see how the technology could work.

Lyric Speaker 2
But not only will the speaker display the lyrics, it also senses the mood of the track to ensure the graphics don’t distract from the music. So, for example, if you drop Careless Whisper or a like-minded ballad, the fonts and movements will be soft and slow. But if you drop say Enter Sandman, the LCD display will show energetic graphics.

It should be said that while the lyrics aspect is obviously the UPS, this is a high-end speaker. As such is comes with dual high-res drivers to make sure your music also sounds good as well as looking good. The Lyric Speaker also supports Google Cast and a load of other technology, including iPhones, AirPlay and Android.

The Lyric Speaker is available to purchase over at the Lyric Speaker Website. Unsurprisingly it’s not cheap however, coming in at around £2,400 (¥324,000).

Lyric Speaker 3



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