Marshall London Phone

Marshall have been making some of the world’s leading amplifiers and headphones since 1962. With their notorious ‘crunch’ sound, which was conceived by guitarists such as Pete Townshend, Marshall are now turning their hand to the smartphone, and not just any smartphone, the Marshall London Phone is ‘probably the loudest phone in the world’!

Being Marshall, the obvious focus of the London is music and the promise of high-quality listening. To achieve it, Marshall have placed dual speakers using enhanced bass technology and the dedicated hifi-grade sound card into the phone.

Marshall say the London is capable of crystal-clear playback of lossless FLAC files, giving justice to your old music files. But this is also for production and the stereo microphone is perfect for recording on the go and features excellent noise reduction.

Two stereo jacks are located on the top of the phone, allowing two users to share music simultaneously and at different volume levels. A global wide equalizer allows the user to personalize music played on the phone without having to adjust the sound on each individual music app.

Marshall have also added a revolutionary ‘M-button’, which gives you quick access to all your music players, including London’s pre-installed music player, which supports popular formats such as mp3, mp4 and AAC, amongst others.

The London has Marshall’s DNA imprinted all over it, in the hardware & the design. We love the look of it – it features beautifully crafted iconic brass details and buttons, and an analogue scroll wheel which offers tactical and precise volume control. The phone’s matte black surface is similar to the skin of Marshall amps and offers better grip in your hands.

Marshall is all about great sound and the noises coming out of the Marshall London Phone will be music to musician’s ears. Joes can pre-order ‘probably’ the loudest phone in earth now available for delivery in late August. It’s on sale online at the Marshall Headphones Website and will set you back £399.