With the speaker market thoroughly saturated, it can be hard to stand out. Which is why we’re big fans of brands who offer up something beautiful to look at as well as exceptional to listen to. One speaker most definitely in that mould is the Gravity Speaker by smartphone company Meizu!

Meizu Gravity Speaker

The Meizu Gravity Speaker is the first product from the Chinese tech brand’s collaboration with award-winning designer Hironao Tsuboi, a Joe known for integrating his Zen outlook into his product designs. As you can see the Gravity is no different with a floating design which utilises a transparent prism to displays its listings.

The Gravity speaker isn’t the lightest thing in the world but this is for very good reason. The weight is needed in order to balance the actual speaker bit of the device atop of a transparent block – giving the speaker an air of weightlessness.

Meizu Gravity Speaker 2
The standout on this speaker is obviously the prism display. Light is allowed to filter through it freely thanks to a patented film applied to the prism, called Half-Mirror. But while the design is key with the Gravity, artistic speakers still need to be able to perform, and thankfully we’re hearing all the right things!

The Gravity comes with customised speaker units which improve the sound performance despite the limited hardware. There are passive double resonant diaphragms and dual drive units to give enhanced bass, and distortion is reduced thanks to the most advanced chip from Texas Instruments.

Meizu Gravity Speaker 4
It terms of numbers, the Gravity comes with a 20-Watt bass and a 70Hz to 20Khz range. Naturally it connects to your devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or an AUX-in. It also supports 2.0 Channel Stereo output.

The Meizu Gravity Speaker is being sold on crowd-funding website Indiegogo, where the floating speaker is already half way towards its goal with over a month of funding to go. Joes can get hold of one for around £135 ($199) with shipping expected December this year – hopefully just in time for Christmas!

Meizu Gravity Speaker 3



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