Melitta Purista Series 300 Coffee Machine Review

If you enjoy peaceful silence as much as you enjoy your cup of morning coffee, the Melitta Purista Series 300 could well be the coffee machine made for you. Now landing in UK shops we put the new Melitta Purista in our kitchen to give it a whirl.

With their new ‘whisperquiet grinder’ so silent you can make coffee as your partner or room mate sleeps n even the smallest of London apartments, this is the coffee machine that non-morning people have been dreaming of. Forget the days of shouting over the screeches and clunks of your ‘beans being pummelled’, or having to turn the radio to outrageous volume levels, the Purista 300 lets you go about your normal routine with few interruptions.

But it’s not just the quietness that we have enjoyed this last week, as well as the slimline size which is great for tight spaces there is also a nifty favourite button. Here you can save your favourite coffee strength and mix in a preset and then just press every time you want a matching cup. Easy peasy. Or if you need that extra shot of coffee first thing, you can alter the strength using the simple ‘dimmer’ style knob which makes it easy for those of us who prefer a more toned down mug in the evening or late afternoon.

The flavours and aromatics of each batch of coffee are monitored and adjusted, using the A.E.S. (aroma-extraction-system), a specialist pump which measures the ideal time of contact between the water and the ground beans plus a Melitta Pro Aqua water filter making your coffee taste even better in hard water areas.

The machine itself is sleek, modern and surprisingly small considering the many options it offers. Just 20cm wide, it can squeeze into even the smallest of kitchens, and has anti-scratch coatings on the plastic to keep it looking smart. Friends and family will no doubt admire the new addition to your worktop – especially when they realise it has a ‘double cup mode’.

As with many machines that we share our everyday lives with now, the Melitta Purista Series 300 has an app (called the Melitta Companion) which can be used alongside the coffee maker. Follow tutorials and read practical advice, or simply use it to get your drink faster, it’s certainly a handy addition and can even control elements on the machine.

Overall, Melitta has produced an exceptional piece of coffee making kit, which is perfectly sized and looks chic. We would have perhaps liked to see a milk steamer or similar but a real coffee connoisseur would scoff at the thought anyway. Now all you need to do is choose your beans…