Mellow’s Eco-Table Is Also a Speaker

We’ve always claimed there’s nothing we love more than a piece of tech which doubles up in functionality. And one of the latest devices to fit into that ergonomic mould is the Mellow Multimedia Table; a piece of furniture which doubles up as a one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker as well as a platform for your coffee!

Perfect for the home or office, the eye-catching Mellow Table is a true treat for any music lover. Along with a tripod of wooden legs, the Mellow features built in Bluetooth technology which allows for wireless connectively to mobile devices within a good value 10m range.

Powered by a wall power adapter, the built-in lithium battery takes just 4 hours to fully charge and gives users 7 hours of playtime at 30% volume; 5 hours at 75% volume and 3 hours at 100% volume. It also comes with a power bank and two USB ports for charging mobiles device.

Mellow Multimedia Speaker Table 3

You can control your music with the physical buttons at the front of the Mellow, with On/Off; Bluetooth/Play/Pause/Phone; Volume decrease; and Volume increase all on offer.

Mellow Multimedia Speaker Table 2

While the tech is obviously important, the designers of Mellow were keen to ensure the table was functional and well-crafted too. Having looked to nature for design inspiration, each Mellow Table is crafted from high quality materials, with the carefully crafted legs made from lush beech wood, and the table-top wrapped in a woven micro-fabric.

The Mellow Multimedia Table is currently being funded over at Kickstarter where its already reached its modest target in just a few days. Costing around £210 ($239), the Mellow Speaker Table is set to be shipped in August. Head over to the Mellow Kickstarter Website for more details.

Mellow Multimedia Speaker Table 4