Microsoft Official Xbox Onesie

While we think this might be one of the most ludicrous things we’ve ever seen, we can’t help but pine after one. Yes, Microsoft’s team in Australia has invented something to keep you comfortable while gaming with the unveiling of the official Xbox Onesie!

Being uncomfortable while gaming is a much more serious problem than the haters will let you believe. It can be the difference between a 1-1 draw and 2-1 win on FIFA (we never lose of course), or an extra kill or two on COD.

Well, the Microsoft team Down Under are here to help! The Xbox Onsie is a pyjama style outfit which comes with a ton of pockets and features for all your gaming needs. And while it might not be appropriate for dining out, it is of course properly über comfortable!

Microsoft Xbox Onesie 4
On the front of the Xbox Onsie, you’ll find some deep pockets which have been added to hold extra controllers/remotes, or all those drinks and snacks you’ll to get you through a session. On the arm, there’s also a pouch which has been designed to easily stow your smartphone.

Microsoft Xbox Onesie 3
Now this is where Xbox have been truly technical. In order to prevent slipping and sliding when things get really tense they’ve even added some forearm grips, which should mean no distractions. The legs and arms can also be rolled up to cater for all temperatures and seasons, and the extra-large hood can accommodate headsets no problem. You can even get you Gamertag embroided on the garment!

The Microsoft official Xbox Onesie comes in both Black and White, so you can blend into whatever environment but as of yet there’s no official word on release date or price. We’ll be sure to let you know when updates arrive!

Microsoft Xbox Onesie 2
Microsoft Xbox Onesie 1