Microsoft reveals budget Xbox Series S for November launch

We already know much about the long-awaited Xbox Series X coming later this year but until now we knew very little about the rumoured cheaper Series S. Thankfully Microsoft have made it official and we can wonder no more.

The Series S is essentially a stripped down version of the bigger Series X. It’ll play all the same games that the more expensive and bigger version will. The difference is how it’ll play them and at what quality.

The Series X has disc drive so you’ll still be able to pick up physical media and play it that way. The Series S is a digital only device. At first that seemed odd to me but then I reminded myself, my laptop doesn’t have a disc drive, I no longer own a DVD player, my phone doesn’t need physical discs and every game I’ve bought from Steam in the last few years is a digital download. Why then should we require a physical disc for our consoles too?

Of course it’s nice to have the box stacked up on your shelf to represent ownership and achievement. Also I expect it’ll make it hard to play all your old games. But if that doesn’t bother you then the Series S might be just what you need.

It also suffers a little bit in the spec department too. It’ll still play all the same games but capped at 1440p (up to 120fps) max resolution. If that’s a deal breaker then you still have the Series X to go for but for the rest of us who are more casual gamers then 1440p will still look great as raytracing is still part of the deal. It’ll be fast too with SSD storage and a host of other specs.

The smallest ever Xbox is priced at $299 which will probably translate to £299 here in the UK. Microsoft to put it on sale in November alongside the Xbox Series X at $499.