Microsoft Announce the Potentially Revolutionary Surface Hub 2

It’s not too unkind to suggest that the Surface Hub OG wasn’t the unwavering success story Microsoft had hoped. Only 5,000 were sold to customers with the 55-inch or 84-inch display options keeping the PC firmly in the ‘for a flashy business’ category. But with a greater 4K+ resolution, extremely thin bezels and rotating displays, the Surface Hub 2 may be a different entity altogether.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 was unveiled earlier this week, and while some specs are a little murky on details, we do know it will arrive with a more user-friendly 50.5-inch display that will have a resolution of ‘4K+’ (the exact res is still being finalised), and a 3:2 aspect ratio. Rather niftily, it can also be rotated with a slight push, turning it into huge portrait screen.

This means the second-gen Hub will be easier to scribble on and can offer video chatting in near life-size. You can tile up to four together to create an even larger display, or spread multiple Hub 2s around the room, with each having a different role. But this isn’t just about connectivity, it’s pretty clear that the Hub 2 is aimed at changing the way we collaborate.


To illustrate the point, Microsoft is allegedly working on a software system that would allow multiple users to log into the device using the built-in fingerprint reader all at once, and then each pull in their own work into a single shared document. The portrait mode also means that you’ve essentially got a digital easel on your hands.

It’s far too early to tell whether the Surface Hub 2 will be as ground-breaking in the workplace as Microsoft hopes. But it’s certainly promising. The Surface Hub 2 is due to be tested ‘with partners later this year’, before a 2019 official release. No price has been announced just yet but head over to the Microsoft Website to keep up to date.


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