If you’re a Spotify user, particularly a Spotify Premium subscriber, you’ll know the frustration of having to use your smartphone for on-the-go streaming. They’re heavy, hard to carry when exercising, have a short battery life and data can be expensive. Thankfully an alternative has finally arrived. Say hello to the Mighty Spotify player.

Mighty Spotify Player

Mighty is the world’s first and only device that plays your Spotify music without being connected to a smartphone. It’s lightweight, durable, and small enough to clip-on to any piece of clothing – perfect for exercising.

Mighty runs on Android but doesn’t have a screen like other Android devices. The software is controlled (or more updated) using your smartphone as a Bluetooth remote control. Simply launch the Mighty mobile app, login to Spotify Premium, and make your playlists available for offline play using the familiar ‘Available Offline’ button.

Instead of downloading the selected playlists to your phone, the songs are stored directly on Mighty. Songs are transferred with WiFi, so the sync process is incredibly quick. It only takes a few minutes to sync hundreds of songs to the device.

Mighty Spotify Player 1
Playing music on Mighty is also simple. As you can probably tell from the look of it, simply press the play button to launch the first song in your first synced playlist then use the song forward/back buttons to scroll through all of the songs in that playlist. Simple.

Mighty comes with a pretty handy 4GB of music space and will be capable of at least five hours of music playback when fully charged, but the makers say they’re aiming for far more with 10+ hours of playback the ultimate goal.

You can get hold of a Mighty Spotify player from the Mighty Kickstarter page where it’s being sold for around £57 ($79). It’s compatible with iPhones and Androids but the only issue, as with a lot of crowd funded projects, is you’ll have to wait a while to actually have your hands on it with shipping expected in November 2016.

Mighty Spotify Player2



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