Here at Average Joes we go through a hell of a lot of tea. But we’re under no illusions that the traditional kettles we all use are extremely wasteful. In order to make a simple brew, we all end up overfilling the kettle in fear of only having half a cup full – and in fairness we’re not going to apologise too much for that! There is no worse feeling. But our wastefulness could be a thing of the past with the Miito!

The Miito is a super adaptable device that can heat a variety of liquids directly in the vessel of your choice. Miito’s uncomplicated design works with cups, bowls, glass, teapots, and any other non-ferrous vessel. Simply fill the vessel of your choice with water, place it onto the induction base, immerse the heating rod in the liquid, and let the liquid boil.

The obvious main perk of the Miito is that it goes beyond your normal kettle needs as you only have to heat the amount of liquid you need using whatever vessel you prefer. It also means that you don’t have to waste time waiting for your boiling tea to cool as you’ll just heat to the perfect temperature in the first place.

And it heats more than just water – it can also heat milk, soup and even more. Not only that, it works with any vessel. So you can use your favourite mug! It’s also a lot cleaner than your regular kettle as there’s no limescale. Simply clean the rod with running water or in the dishwasher.

One of the things that makes Miito so intuitive is its one touch-sensor button technology. Simply touch the button and Miito will enter Standby mode. It will wake its smart sensors and check that the rod is placed in the vessel before starting the heating process. Once the water is boiled, Miito will switch off automatically or simply press the button again at any time to switch the device off manually. So it’s safe and efficient.

The Miito is being sold on Kickstarter. It’s only been on a couple of weeks and has already made well over its target. Invariably this means all the early bird deals have gone but you can still get hold of one for a discounted £60.