With vinyl sales going through the roof, more innovative turntables are an inevitability. Late last year we featured the RokBlok, a portable and wireless record player which spins around your records instead of the records around it; and more recently we featured the Love Turntable, which not only spins on the record, but can also be controlled by your smartphone. Well, next on the ‘want list’ is this awesome Wheel turntable by Miniot.

The Wheel Minimalist Turntable

The Wheel is a minimal record player in the truest sense of the word. Simple and easy to use, all of the Wheel’s technology is built into the turntable’s platter, below the record. As such, all you need to do is place the record on and it will play the bottom.

Everything happens behind the scenes with the Wheel, leaving you an unobstructed view of your precious record. While it looks great, having all the mechanics hidden also serves a protective purpose with the delicate stylus and all the other tech safely hidden from dust and accidents.

Wheel Turntable Miniot 3

The Wheel can be used horizontally or vertically, which means as well as using flat on a table, you can put it on a stand, or even hang it on the wall. The centre stick is where all the vinyl player functions are controlled with On/Off, Play/Pause, Volume, and Next/Previous Track all covered.

The Wheel may have a unique design but it’s also built for performance with a linear tonearm constructed around an AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, offering a warm, rich sound with outstanding clarity and detail. For a perfect match, the entire arm is micro machined out of a single piece of laminated mahogany.

Wheel Turntable Miniot 4

The Wheel is an analog record player, so it doesn’t run on batteries. Instead it has to be wired to a good amplifier, speakers or headphones. However, it will also connect any wireless speaker when connected to one of Wheel’s outputs.

The Wheel Turntable by Miniot is being funded over at the Kickstarter Website, where its hit its initial target with just over a week to go. You can still get hold of one with a December delivery for around the £500 mark (€568).

Wheel Turntable Miniot 2



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