Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Ministry of Sound Audio

Ministry of Sound have announced a brand new audio range which includes earbuds, headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers and standalone speakers. Having been fine-tuned by the sound engineers who work at the club, you can probably expect to feel like you’re on the dance floor.

Starting small, the first item in the range is the Audio In earphones which come in at a reasonable £39.99 for the standard wired version, while £99.99 will get you the lightweight Bluetooth version.

If you’re more of a headphone Joe then the Audio Ons are for you. Just like the Ins there’s a wired version for £99.99, and a wireless Bluetooth version for £149.99. The Audio Ons come with NFC, touch controls and a pretty decent 12-hour battery life.

Now for the speakers. The range starts off with the Audio S and S Plus, which will no doubt be competing with the Beats Pill. They both feature NFC and Bluetooth for wireless pairing and audio playback and are waterproof resistant so perfect for poolside or beaches this summer. The S will set you back £79.99, while the S Plus costs £129.99 for a higher quality construction and a handy metal stand. We’re not sure that’s worth the extra 50 quid, though.

The Audio M is an attractive stand-alone speaker with aptX Bluetooth, NFC and touch controls. It’s nice but not as lovely looking as the top of the range L Plus, which is also touch-controlled, Bluetooth, NFC and wireless multi-room enabled. The L also includes the option to connect to any devices, digital music libraries and internet radio services.

The Ministry of Sound Audio range has surprised us. We love the clean and sleek design of the range, which is understated and, dare we say it, even has a hint of class.



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