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Misoka Toothbrush

We’re always breaking into new territory here at Average Joes, and writing about a toothbrush certainly counts as new ground for us! But Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima has designed a nanotech toothbrush that cleans your teeth without the new for toothpaste – you can see why we’re excited!

The Misoka toothbrush is created in collaboration with Japanese technology company Yumeshokunin, and features bristles coated in nano-sized mineral ions measuring in at just 0.178 millimetres in thickness, which allows them to easily access and clean in the gaps between the teeth.

The ions pass from the bristles to the teeth during brushing, removing stains and forming a protective coating on the enamel. Once the brush is dipped into a glass of water, the ions are loosened and no toothpaste is needed!

“Even without toothpaste, your teeth stay as shiny and clean as though you just walked out of a teeth-cleaning session at the dentist’s,” say the makers.

The word “Misoka” itself stands for “the last day of the month” and it’s so named because the bristles on the brush weaken after use, meaning the Misoka needs replacing every month.

The toothbrushes have actually been available in Japan and Asia since 2007, with over two million units having already been sold. That means these this technology has been knocking around since the first release of the iPhone!

The brush has now been redesigned by Ueshima, with a fluid design that is manufactured in translucent PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, and is said to be based on a stream of running water. Tranquil. The Misoka toothbrush will be hitting Europe later this year so keep a look out and say goodbye to bulldog clips at the end of your toothpaste!



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