Moley Robotic Kitchen

MasterChef is coming to an end tonight and we think we’ve found a future winner… his name is Moley, and he’s the first ever automated robot cook!

It’s made by Moley Robotics, and features a dexterous pair of robot arms with fully articulated hands. Moley say the automated kitchen will create up to 2,000 meals from scratch and it’s slated to go on the market in 2017.

The hands themselves are made by the Shadow Robot Company, whose products are used by astronauts and in the nuclear industry. So they’re pretty big deals. The hands are said to faithfully reproduce the movements of a human hand, and considering Shadow work with NASA, we’re going to take their word on that.

Speaking of MasterChef, Tim Anderson, who won the competition in 2011 with his incredible concoctions, played a role in developing the machine. He was motion captured, the same way actors are when they appear in video games. The actions were translated into digital movement using bespoke algorithms for the robot to mimic.

This isn’t just a pipe dream. UK-based Moley Robotics aim to have a consumer-ready version on sale in a couple of years. It will obviously be smaller but is also rumoured to have a built-in fridge and dishwasher to go with the hob and oven, so everything is covered! No word on whether it’ll do the washing up yet, though!

Moley are currently adding recipes from amateurs and professionals and hope to retail the automated kitchen for around £10,000, excluding recipes, which consumers will purchase if and when like an iTunes library. Check out the video of the robot kitchen in action below.