Wireless charging capabilities very much seems to be the trend in the tech market these days, and while that’s all well and good, that doesn’t mean we need to charge our devices any less. Which is why we love the look of this Power Capsule by Mophie.

Mophie Charging Power Capsule

Made for wireless headphones, fitness trackers and wearables, the Mophie Power Capsule is a portable charger as well as a protective case for all of your gear. Whether you’re on the way to the gym or even travelling abroad, the Power Capsule is the perfect solution for Joes who lead active lifestyles and are always on-the-go.

The Power Capsule comes with a built-in 1,400mAh battery. All you need to do is connect your device to the USB charging port inside the pouch. “But won’t the Capsule itself need charging?” Well, yes. But thanks to what Mophie are calling ‘Priority+ Charging’, when connected to a power source the Power Capsule recharges your device first before charging the Capsule.

Mophie Power Capsule 2
With the compact Capsule, you can efficiently pack your earphones, trackers or wearables into a small, protective case that easily fits into any gym bag, backpack, or even purse. The durable outer shell comes with a soft-touch, rubberised finish to protect your gear against drops and falls, while the soft fabric interior keeps your device free from scratches and scuffs.

Mophie Power Capsule 4
You’ll never be left wondering how much charge you’ve got left either as this Mophie comes with an integrated LED power indicator button to display the charging status and current battery life of your power capsule. The device also charges quickly with an output of 1.0A and the 1,400mAh battery delivers up to an additional 60 hours of playtime.

The Mophie charging Power Capsule is available now over at the Mophie Website for £34.95. A bargain if you ask us!

Mophie Power Capsule 3



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