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Mophie iPhone 5 Case Review

With ever increasing technical demands and ever decreasing proportions on our smartphones, battery life has long been a struggle. As I write this as 11:30 on a train to London my beloved Apple product sits at 65%. Yes I am a heavy user, browsing for cat in bin videos and doing my emails but still, 35% down in a few hours is something of nightmares. Hopefully a little help is on the way with our Mophie iPhone5 Case Review.

I have always carried a pretty chunky battery pack with me for USB charging on the go, but at certain times it is just too bulky and un-necessary. This is where the Mophie comes in. Available in three ‘chunk options’ depending on how much extra battery you want to carry, the Mophie really is the saviour of your day out.

Depending on the version, you can choose 80%, 100% or 120% sized batteries that come in the form of a pretty slick looking case which doesn’t add huge amounts of extra size or weight. You can function all the buttons as you would expect, and the extra bulk is really at the base of the phone and includes a channelled speaker tube to ensure they keep working.


One of the biggest pulls is the charging option, mini-USB as standard, but as well as charging the iPhone battery case, it can also charge your phone in tandem. Which is a god send when you don’t have your iPhone charger with you on your travels, as most people have a mini USB laying around somewhere.

It’s surprising how used to the Mophie you get, and whilst I would never leave it on my phone full time, I very rarely leave the house without it. My only slight reservations are the claimed charge, which I don’t think get quite up to the advertised state and the heat. Having a battery charging a battery whilst touching each other means it gets rather warm. Fine in winter, but it has actually woken me up making my leg rather hot whilst sleeping on a train!

Available now and starting at just over £60, the Mophie is an essential part of the travellers pack-up.



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