Finding a bad phone in 2018 is actually harder than you think. Competition is so strong these days that even lower end smartphones are packed with features and come with cameras our parents could only dream of. Really, the question is more to do with what fits your usage and where you set your budget. More and more we’re seeing companies hitting that budget sweet spot for phones and getting it right.

Motorola One Smartphone Review - ★★★★

With that in mind, last week we were asked to go put the new Motorola One phone through its paces and test this mid-range phone’s capabilities. Never one to shirk responsibility, we headed down to London Zoo to see is the One lived up to its billing.


Let’s do a quick run-down of specs for my fellow techies: We have a 5.9 inch screen, Snapdragon 625, running Android One with a Dual camera with main 13MP back camera and front facing of 8MP. There’s a 3,000 mAh battery, rear-mounted fingerprint reader and 64GB internal storage with Micro SD slot up to 256GB.

Now, all that aside the phone rests on the build, fit and feel rather than cutting edge specs. Considering its very moderate current price of £199.95, all of this is where the Motorola One shines. Taking notes from the iPhone XR in atheistic (which is never a bad thing) and bringing it to this budget allows the phone to feel solid and look far beyond its price tag. A nice touch is the case that comes bundled with the phone and is necessary considering how slippery the phone feels when holding.



Cameras are high on the priority list of most consumers these days, and for the most part the camera on the Motorola One manages well with a few modes and features that are fun to play around with. The tap focus works well and gives you a quick auto should you need it and more manual modes should you want it.

One the main draw points of this smartphone is Android One and for good reason. One of the main areas people overlook when buying a new phone is the Operating System used and we’ve always found it one of the most important. Android One offers a wealth of updates, as well as a clean and simple OS experience, making using the phone easy and intuitive.



So, all good so far. Thankfully the phone continues this vein. Small gestures help to keep the Motorola flavour like shake to turn on flash light. The problem, if there is one, can be found here.

As previously mentioned, we have a wealth of competition available. The Huawei Honor 8X is only £30 more expensive and for that you get a 1080p 6.5 ich screen rather than a 5.9 inch 720p screen, a 3,750 mAh battery rather than 3,000 mAh present in Motorola’s offering. That said, you could argue that USB-C and that Android One experience is worth sticking with Motorola and I couldn’t really argue.

Another rival is the Nokia 7.1 and it is more expensive. Nokia is coming in at £279 and that extra £80 is certainly a lot of money if you’re looking for a mid-range phone. What you get for the money is a newer processor that will provide better multi-tasking and gaming should you want to do so. Once again, a better screen and better camera for the most part brings that price quickly in focus.



Overall, the Motorola One is certainly worth considering if you’re in the market for a mid-price phone – a sturdy build and decent camera features demand it. The Android One OS, for our money, sets it apart. Check out the unedited images from our trip to London Zoo below.

The Motorola One is available for £199.95 from Argos, John Lewis and Amazon. Find out more over at the Motorola Website.




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