Sep 3 2009 @averagejoesblog

Good news! Music videos are finally returning to UK users of Youtube!

Youtube blocked thousands of music videos to UK users way back in March over a failed agreement with songwriters’ group PRS for Music. However all that looks to be behind us now after Google agreed to pay a lump sum to PRS, backdated until January and lasting until 2012.

PRS for Music said it was pleased an agreement had been reached but neither side would reveal details of the deal. It is surprising how long the deal has taken to come about, with artists knowing most of their modern day income is now coming from online music sales and Youtube wanting to become a one stop shop for all things video related.

A spokesman for PRS for Music, formerly known as the Performing Rights Society, said: “It is a lump sum deal which seems to work for YouTube’s business model and offers recompense for our 60,000 members. We can be friends again.”

A spokesman for YouTube said the “tens of thousands” of videos which had disappeared “will come back over the next few days”.

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