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MX3D Arc 3D-Printed Bike

3D printing is all the rage these days and the next item to get the treatment is this futuristic-looking Arc bicycle by MX3D Robots in partnership with students from TU Delft, a technology university near The Hague in the Netherlands.

The MX3D Arc 3D-printed bike is a fully functional and rideable bike with a main frame made from stainless steel. It took three-months to design by some forward-thinking students and was constructed at the MX3D facility in Amsterdam.

MX3D is an innovation company that specialises in Robotic Additive Manufacturing. They’re so innovative that they can 3D print metals and resin in mid-air, without the need for support structures. They even have plans to 3D print a steel pedestrian bridge in Amsterdam!

MX3D Arc 3D Printed Bike 2
But for now, they’re keeping things relatively small scale. MX3D and the students wanted to print something of use and therefore went for the bike – an essential for Dutch living. Weighing around the same as a normal bike, the Arc is fully functional so can withstand basically anything you can throw at it, including bumps and cobblestones.

MX3D Arc 3D Printed Bike 4
MX3D claim it offers a smooth ride and because of the wheel base and the low centre of gravity, fast turns are easy to perform. While is it functional, it is only a concept bike. As such, it only has a one fixed gear configuration.

There’s no current plans to put the MX3D Arc bike into production – which is probably just as well as we’re not entirely sure on the style of the frame, even though it looks suitable futuristic for something 3D-printed. We’ve still got high hopes for the bridge, though! Keep an eye on its progress on the MX3D Website.

MX3D Arc 3D Printed Bike 3



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