Mycroft Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no longer stuff of fantasy and, for us geeks, this couldn’t be more exciting. But while self-driving cars, natural language processing and the like are all readily available, most of the really cool A.I. has been exclusive to big private companies who can afford the technology. But that could be about to change with a little chap called Mycroft, an artificial intelligence for the average Joe.

Mycroft uses natural language to control Internet of Things. Looking a bit like an alarm clock with a big LED smile, Mycroft is built on Raspberry Pi and can plays media, controls lights and much more thanks to language recognition.

Online services like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify are available in an instant. That means there’s no need to pull out your smart phone, log in, select a network, load an app and hunt down a feature. If you want great music, just say, “Mycroft, play ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division from YouTube on my Chromecast” and the greatest song of all time will begin to play.

The great thing about Mycroft is it’s the world’s first open source, open hardware home A.I. platform. This means that there are endless modifications that can be made to Mycroft by anyone who knows what they’re doing. Perfect for you techy Joes.

Mycroft isn’t just for streaming though, although it does have an integrated high quality speaker, Mycroft also integrates with your smart devices and allows you to control the anything from your Phillips Hue to locking your doors to making coffee. In short, whatever it is – if it’s connected to the internet – Mycroft can control it.

While Mycroft might seem pretty basic for now, the open platform means it has a whole host of possibilities in the future. We definitely think you should watch this space. It’s also fairly cheap at around £80 ($129) too, so maybe think of it more as an investment. It’s being sold on Kickstarter and has over 25 days left to reach its target, so plenty of time to get over there!