NanoHeat Mug

For us bloggers, drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee is an essentially part of our daily routine. But so is chucking away half-drunk mugs because they’ve gone too cold as we’ve been working too hard and forgotten about our delicious beverages… or something like that!

We’ll the chaps at NanoHeat have come up with an ingenious solution that can solve all that wastage and effort in their new wireless self-heated mug!

NanoHeat’s say that their ‘Heat Generation System uses Nano thickness heat generation heating element resulting in high heat generation.’ While we’re not entirely sure what that means – we think the message is clear: this mug keeps your cup of Joe hot.

There are obvious alternatives likes a Thurmos flask, but the difference here is that the NanoHeat provides heat as well as maintaining it meaning that it will keep your tea or coffee at a stable 155-160 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Plenty of time to start drinking, forget you’ve got it, then go back again!

Once charged through a USB, the mug has enough charge for around 7 refills, with the integrated heating element paired with product design distributing heat evenly throughout the beverage. If you need to save charge, the NanoHeat turns off automatically after 30 minutes but keeps beverage a drinkable temp for another 15 minutes

It also looks great too with three different neutral colour options of Black. White and Grey. It looks futuristic enough with an ON/OFF switch that lights up a Blue ring at the base when on. You’ll also get a Red flashing indicator when the battery level drops below 25%.

We think this looks like a must for all office workers and is reasonable priced at around £25 ($39) – not bad for something you’re going to use basically every day. If you love it as much as we do, get over to the NanoHeat Kickstarter Website where it’s already made its target!