Portable phone charger are, of course, nothing new. But if you’re ever had to use one, you’ll know that the majority a good for, what, one full charge? Maybe two? But what if you could charge your charger without needing a plug in the wall? Well, while the tech may not be anything new, the Nendo Denqul is still the hand-crank phone charger we’ve been searching for.

Nendo Unveil Hand-Cranked Phone Charger for On-The-Go

Designed by the Japanese studio for Sugita Ace, the Nendo Denqul powers up a phone without the need for electricity. Nendo isn’t the first to design a hand-crank charger, but it may be the first to make it look good, taking the form of a sleek tube with an extendable arm that pops out in an L-shape and spins around.

Cranking the Denqul’s arm generates a magnetic field that’s able to charge the lithium ion battery inside the tube, so it’s some proper old school tech. Once you’ve done some spinning, simply plug a USB or micro USB into the top of the device and you’ve got an instant charge.


The Denqul was designed for use in ‘disasters’ to ensure people have a reliable source of power to their smartphones. Nendo had actually first considered using solar panels but decided a hand-generated centrifugal force could be used in far more situations – just maybe don’t do it on public transport…


While the cranking mechanism is obviously the USP, you can also go new-wave and charge it from a plug-in dock too. So it doesn’t get lost in your drawer at home, the Denqul also features three different storage elements for holding items such as glasses or stationary.

Available in three different colours – Light Stone Grey, Dark Grey and Blue – the Nendo Denqul is currently just at the prototype stage. Check out more over at the Nendo Website.


It may have been trumped by Samsung just days later but earlier this month the Royole ‘FlexPai’ officially became the world’s first commercial foldable smartphone.



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