Smartwatches have traditionally needed to be paired with a phone and in many cases they only work with specifically made devices. But one smartwatch maker, Montreal-based Neptune, has come up with an alternative in the Neptune Duo and it’s being dubbed ‘the world’s smartest wearable’.

Neptune Duo Smartwatch

The Neptune Duo comprises of two parts – a ‘Hub’ that is worn on the wrist and looks like a bangle and a 5-inch touch display that is kept in a pocket for when users wants to see information on a larger screen – essentially the phone ‘bit’.

The curved Hub (the watch) is a 2.4-inch touchscreen and can be used in the same way as a phone as it supports 3G and 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC. This also means you can send messages, check Facebook and other social networks, as well as track fitness statistics on you wrist.

The Hub will run on Android Lollipop, so users will be able to use an array of apps made for wearables. And if you want to watch a film, look at a map or anything else that requires a larger screen, you can use the 720p ‘Pocket screen’ which also comes with an 8MP camera on the rear, and a 2MP front-facing camera for those selfies.

The screen will also double-up as a battery pack for the Hub, which itself will need to be charged every few days with normal use. This suggests it has a better battery life than the Apple Watch, which is rumoured to need recharging every day.

Neptune’s founder Simon Tian, said, “My goal is to create a new brand that can stand on its own. If I can even grab 0.5 per cent of the market, we’ll be a huge business.” Despite being only 21 years old, the Neptune Duo is his second attempt at a smartwatch, having apparently dreamt up one called Pine when he was still at school – of which 8000 have been sold.

The Neptune Duo is due to ship later this year and can be pre-ordered for between $498 (£323) and $698 (£452), depending on how much people want to pledge before launch. It’s expected to retail for around $800 (£518) and will most probably be going head-to head with the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S, with both offering call capabilities.

While many will obviously be reluctant to part ways with their beloved phone, the Neptune Duo certainly stands alone in the market and appears to pushing the boundries of smartwatches quite like nobody else – at least on paper. For more info, get over to the Neptune website.




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