Netatmo Weather Station

I don’t know why, but I have always wanted a weather station. Yes that was weather station, not weather girl. I assume it is a sign of me getting old, and the normal person in me says ‘you have a weather station, it’s called a window’, but still, I want one! And at last there seems to be one that may fit the modern lifestyle, the new Netatmo Weather Station for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station features two wireless monitors, one for internal and one for outdoor use that monitors the likes of temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise, CO2 levels etc. and then transmits the data back to your chosen device through the Netatmo app. THe CO2 monitor is a nice touch, and alerts your iPhone or device as soon as a set limit is reached.


It isn’t just limited to your phone either, you can share the station with friends and family to give everyone access to the information, including 7 day forecast, and the internal noise level meter, which you might want to turn off at a party! When you purchase the Netatmo Weather Station you also gain access to a lifetime online account which stores all historical data for your data mining pleasures.

Not only that, but with opt in, you can anonymously share your data with the world, allowing you to become part of possibly the largest Weather and Air Quality monitoring network ever created. The design of the kit is very slick, each part made from a single piece of aluminium and powered by batters or USB wall adapter. My only worry is, would it get stolen?!

Available in the UK now at for £159 with the app free from your respective Apple / Android store.