Let us introduce you to one of the best apps around at the moment and one that will leave you with a serious addiction. The New Star Soccer App is an old school football management sim where you take your character on a footballing journey from the lower leagues to the world cup. Think of it as football manager meets Fifa but designed in the 80’s. And because it is so retro and simple, it is equally so brilliant.

New Star Soccer


The app works perfectly on iOS and Android devices due to its simplistic game engine and fun factor. It has everything you need to make you feel like a professional footballer. You can buy new boots which can almost double your ability (this doesn’t apply in real life – wearing bright orange boots won’t help if you are already crap, trust me I’ve tried), energy drinks will give you full energy at half time and you can even purchase helicopters and ski chalets to give you the real Premier League lifestyle you deserve. Comments on the app store include ‘Be prepared to give up your life’ and ‘tell your girlfriend you wont be seeing her for a while’ couldn’t be more accurate.

We have been scarily addicted to this since we downloaded it last weekend. This has brought back memories of abandoning any sort of life when the classic Championship Manager games were around! Check out the screenshots below of the app which include my New Star Soccer career stats to date. I challenge you to beat my furthest goal stat! If you have better stats, come and let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

App rating 5/5


New Star Soccer is available on Android and iOS devices right now, go get it!




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