Unless you live in a lavish early 20th century mansion, you don’t really hear much about gramophones anymore. But believe it or not, they’re still alive and going strong in 2016, and one of the best around is the Carusco by Italian designers Newblack.

Newblack Carusco Gramophones

The Carusco gramophone marries contemporary finishes such as lacquered wood, canaletto walnut (as well as precious Italian oak from 1700) with the old school elegance of the horn, which is available ceramic plated with pure gold.

This is high end stuff, so naturally the audio system itself is sophisticated. It might not look like it should but the Carusco connects to your audio output with Bluetooth 4.0 which has been designed to maximize the performance of the ceramic horn.

Newblack Carusco Wireless Horn- Speakers 4
That means you can use any streaming service or music library as long as you’ve got a device which has Bluetooth compatibility. The Carusco will do the rest ensuring outstanding quality with its speaker and built-in amps.

Newblack Carusco Wireless Horn- Speakers 3
No matter the design of the space you plan to put the Carusco, you should be able to find a look that suits as there are tons of finish options. The ceramic horn itself comes in options of pure Gold plated, Pink, Anthracite, Yellow, Red or White, while the structure of the gramophone comes in Oak aged from the 1700s or Walnut wood finishes, or White, Dark Grey, Silk Grey or Black lacquer.

We absolutely love the look of the Carusco and think it would suit any contemporary living space. All Newblack Caruso gramophones are made entirely by hand in Venice by order only. As such, a Carusco isn’t cheap with prices starting at around £2,050 (€2699) and rising to around £3,300 (€4299) for the pure gold plated ceramic plated oak veneered version. For more details head over to the Newblack Carusco Website.

Newblack Carusco Wireless Horn- Speakers 2



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