Newton Espresso Press Is As Minimalist As Coffee Making Gets

Just like the shots of espresso it delivers, the Newton Espresso press strips the art of coffee making down to caffeinated basics. The minimalist machine, though beautiful in design, is essentially just a hand-operated lever that benefits from high-quality seals and a piston design to create water pressure, giving Joes and Janes the perfect cup of espresso.

The Newton press is as minimalistic as espresso making gets. Featuring a host of well-designed features, the Newton has not an electric bone in its body, making it not only very portable but also extremely robust.

There is basically no maintenance or cleaning required, and there are no pumps or internal parts or connections to cause faults. The lever-press on the Newton operation also means using the maker is a virtually process – perfect for making coffee at any hour of the morning or night without waking the house.


Instead of electronics, the Newton Espresso press relies on its high quality seals, piston design and leverage system to consistently provide the user with the ability to generate high water pressure required to produce the perfect coffee. The Newton also takes up very little bench space and can even be wall-mounted.


The pressure can be controlled in a variety of ways – the force applied to the handle, the quantity of coffee used in the basket, the tamping pressure, and the coarseness of the grind. This all means despite the bare basics of the machine, it still gives the user complete control over the extraction process and allows for a very customisable result.

The Newton Espresso coffee press is set to hit Kickstarter in late September, so for now head over to the Newton Espresso Website for more details.