Back to the Future part II’s vision of the year 2015 was amazing, envisioning flying cars, hoverboards, Jaws 19 and Nike Mags with Power Laces that tie themselves. Whilst we may not realistically achieve all of these scientific advances by next year, one thing is for certain: Nike Power Laces will be released!

Nike's Power Laces

Back in 2011, Nike auctioned off pairs of Nike Mags – the kind featured in Back to the Future and worn by Marty McFly. Those beautiful trainers were sold off to raise money for the Michael J Fox foundation, raising around $6million. They were almost exact replicas made with available materials, but one noticeable absence from the LED laden futuristic shoes was the ability to tie the laces automatically around your foot the way it did in the movie; Power Laces. Hardly surpising, the technology wasn’t quite there yet. However, it sounds like that is all about to change come next year…

That’s right! Nike designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed recently at an interview in New Orleans that Power Laces are almost ready, and they are indeed, forthcoming. “Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say Yes!” Hatfield said. Heavy.


As I am sure most of you remember, Back to the Future Part II saw Marty McFly travel to the year 2015 with Doc Brown and girlfriend Jennifer Parker to stop his kids doing something rather stupid. Of the wonderful things imagined for the year 2015, the next thing we are desperate to see is the hover board. Matel brought out an inanimate replica recently, but that is just not good enough. Whilst we’re talking about Back to the Future, can we please point out the date Marty went to was October 21st 2015, so please stop sharing those awful mocked up images on social media, you’re all wrong.

With that in mind, we imagine that Nike might try and keep things true for the fans with a drop date of October 21st, 2015 – but we will keep you posted with any and all news in the future.




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