Unicycles are no longer just for the circus, Chinese manufacturer Ninebot wants to bring the long forgotten party trick back to the streets with its personal transportation machine the One E+ electric unicycle!

Ninebot One E+

Capable of traveling on different terrains, the Ninebot One E+ is centred on a 16-inch super-thin brushless motor that is safe to use in any weather – although we’ve not sure how easy it will be to balance with a brolly in your hand, so maybe just stick to warm weather riding!

The electric unicycle incorporates a fast charging lithium battery that comes in two options: 83Wh or 240Wh, and with standard charger can be charged in an hour or so. A supplementary 250W fan-less high performance AC charger can fully charge the batteries within in half hour too.

Ninebot assure Joes that the E+ has an intelligent system that balances itself automatically so you don’t need months on training. Using built-in gyroscopes and an inertial monitoring system, the Ninebot One will automatically make corrections to the motor speed and power, calculating hundreds of times per second.

“Yeah – OK, Joes. But how fast does it go?” Good question! Ninebot say the E+ can reach speeds of up to 22km/h which works out at around 14mph. Plenty quick enough to enjoy yourself but not too rapid you’re going to cause some serious damage!

It weighs 14.2 kg, so although it has an elastic polyurethane handle for carrying, it isn’t the lightest thing in the world. This is probably because it’s made of a high pressure magnesium alloy, with an anti-skid finish on the frame and pedal.

The Ninebot does have some extra safety features too to ensure you’re not going too crazy. The triple safety alarm means that sound alerts, flashing lights and vibrations are included. The alarm will go off if you’re speeding, over leaning, if there’s low power, internal malfunctioning, or overheating.

This is the 21st century so there’s also naturally an accompanying app that displays charging, location status along with instrumental information on any smartphone.

The Ninebot One E+ comes in many various colours and you can get hold of one for roughly £600. We suggest you make sure you have some sense of balance and test one out before you part with your hard earned money!




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