From keychains on your backpack to protective cases for your phones, we’ve seen every single reinterpretation of the Game Boy-style you can imagine. That is, every reinterpretation except for a humble alarm clock.

Nintendo Have Turned the Game Boy Into an Alarm Clock

What could be better than waking up with serene Italian plumber cheer? Yes, Nintendo’s hand held icon has finally been turned into an officially licensed alarm clock. Swap the smartphone jingle screeching for the gentle, 8-bit melodic sounds of the Nintendo Game Boy alarm clock.

The clock itself is the exact same size as the original, and is a near perfect replica of your favourite handheld console, even down to the satisfying chunky buttons. It’s the same weight and physical feel too – it just tells the time!


The alarm clock plays real Super Mario Land tunes to wake you up so while you may not be able to concur Kirby’s Dreamland, a real Game Boy can’t tell the time can it? It can’t even tell you the date or wake you up to the sounds of your favourite bouncing Italian. So we know which one we’d rather have… Probably.

The Nintendo Game Boy alarm clock is priced at £24.99 and is available to buy now over at the Firebox Website.


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