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No Noise Beats By Dre

Now reading the title you may wonder why a headphone manufacturer would want to make no noise, well bare with me as I explain all…. From near the beginning of January until today there has been a campaign, a rather special campaign. Selfridges No Noise.

The thought process being that the world is a noisy place, and as such it’s about time we all quietened down. Taking some of the biggest brands names in the world, including: Heinz, Beats by Dre, Levi’s, Marmite and Crème de la Mer to name a few, they have all have been minimalised and unclothed for all to see. They have all lost their identity, their brand, and all in the name of charity.

We take a closer look at the No Noise Beats by Dre. That famous b has become an icon the world over, adorned round every cool kids neck the world over, and even athletes in the Olympics, getting in trouble for sneaking in under the radar of official sponsor Panasonic. The brand has become synonymous with sound and music, has made Dre millions and has even started a new market segment of celebrity headphones (yes we blame you Dr!). But what if you take all that away?


Beat by Dre No Noise take the standard Beats by Dre Studio Headphones and undress them to their bones. A matt off white finish across it’s entirety, the coloured b has disappeared to be replaced by an etched one in stainless steel on each ear, and to set off the minimalist design, a bright red headphone cable finishes things up. Sound and quality is the same as ever, world class. The Studio range has always been just that, studio quality, with precision engineering, a powered amp & noise cancellation as well as the advanced speaker design. You will hear every track you ever listen to in just the way the artist intends it.

Now in complete honesty I have never been the biggest fan of Beats by Dre, I don’t know whether that is down to the type of people I see wearing them, or perhaps the fact I am too old and not cool enough to pull them off. But we do love the Limited Edition No Noise Beats by Dre, with only 500 made and only a few left, dig deep, support charity and look cool doing it!

Only available at Selfridges.




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