With the technology advancing a rapid rate and the market getting saturated, headphone makers are having to get creative with features and designs. One of the more interesting new models we’ve seen this year is the Suit Edition by headphones designers Normal.

Normal Suit Edition Wireless Earphones

Billed as the headphones for ‘executives, travellers, and exceptionally stylish humans’, the Bluetooth-enabled Suit Edition is built of premium leather and precision machined metal. But rather than fit over your head like a standard rigid headphone, the earphones are connected by a piece of loose leather round the back of the head.

New York brand Normal specialises in the high end, fusing progressive technology with premium materials. Their headphones are all about pushing the boundaries of aesthetics while still providing impeccable sound.

As the Suit Editions are billed for the more discerning Joe, the leather is naturally of high quality – hand-stitched Nappa leather no less. The majority of the components used are also Champagne anodised aluminium too.

Normal Suit Edition Headphones 2
The Suit Editions connect through Bluetooth, so simply find the device with your media player/smartphone and click play. As the Normal earphones are made for Joes on the go, a microphone is also in-built so taking calls from your smartphone is easy.

The headphones come with an 8-hour battery life on a full charge, after which you’ll need to connect them to any USB port with the integrated USB inside the earphone. There’s also a 5-way articulation and custom earphones dots so you’ll get a personalised fit.

The Normal Suit Edition earphones are available for pre-order now from the Normal Website where they’ll set you back around £107 ($150). Not bad for something that’s made from such premium materials. There’s also a Sweat Edition available for runners which are water-resistant and are $50 cheaper than the Suits.

Normal Suit Edition Headphones 3



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