While the quality of audio production and delivery has improved greatly in recent years with things such as Hi-Res audio now making headway, it seems that headphones have by and large remained fairly standard with very few offering a truly customised experience. But the good Joes at Nura are looking to change all that with their new headphones which automatically tune themselves to your unique hearing within seconds!

Nura Self-Learning Headphones

Based on the idea that hearing is as unique as your fingerprint, Melbourne-based audio firm Nura have introduced headphones which cater for each individual’s sensitivities to different frequencies of sound. Within 30 seconds of being put on, the in-ear and over-ear headphones automatically tune themselves so you’ll be able to hear and feel every note.

As it stands, the same pair of headphones sound very different to each person who uses them. Nura Headphones change this by integrating unique soundwave technology to automatically measure your hearing – so how you hear low, mid and high tones. These otoacoustic emissions are then captured by a built-in microphone and are subsequently adapted to play back audio suited specifically to you via an accompanying smartphone app.

Over time, the Nura will even be able to recognise you and your ears in less than two seconds upon putting them on. It’s some pretty amazing tech and it’s caught some serious attention with some early rave reviews. We also like the look of them – although we are a little wary of how comfortable the in-ear and over-ear features will be!

The Nura Self-Learning Headphones are being funded on Kickstarter, where they’ve already smashed their original $100,000 target with around two months of funding to go. If you’re not accustomed to crowd-funding – that’s very impressive and a clear indication Joes think there’s something in this. And for around £140 ($199), we can’t argue either. Head over to the Nura Kickstarter Website for more details.




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