O2 TU Go Review

O2 has recently launched a brand new service called O2 TU Go. The app is available across most platforms and turns your PC, laptop or tablet into a secondary mobile phone using your mobile number. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Read on for our O2 Tu Go Review.

Download the free app on iOS 5+, Android 4.0.3+ and Windows 7 on PC, and then decide whether you want to connect via your mobile network or an internet connection. Calls and texts come out of your monthly bundle so wont cost you anything extra. The app displays all of your text messages and phone calls in a timeline format that we have got to know and love on most social platforms. So if you make a call on your mobile and then receive a text on the TU Go app on your tablet, all of these interactions are updated and displayed in the app.

We’ve been reviewing the O2 Tu Go app for a few days now and it makes us think why wasn’t this feature available sooner? Calling your family and friends from your laptop/tablet is very easy and makes your digital life that little bit more connected. Take Spotify for example – you can connect via your TiVo box, smartphone, tablet, laptop, web app, MP3 player (and everything else) where as your phone calls and texts are locked to one device – well not anymore thanks to O2. It’s early days for the app (there are a couple of bugs and UI issues here and there) but so far so good. Well worth trying out if you’re on O2 and could be something that sets them apart from the competition.

And of course, if you ever run out of battery on your phone (most days!) you now have a back up!

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