As with anything technology that’s going to take pride of place in our homes, we like our speakers to not only sound great but look great too. Which is why this speaker from Oswalds Mill Audio (OMA) has really caught our eye. Take a look at the beautiful Imperia which uses horns to make a racket.

OMA Imperia Speaker

OMA are billing the Imperia as ‘the ultimate speaker’ and it’s not hard to see why. The first thing you’ll notice are the throwback horns that make this sound system really stand out. The Imperia is a four way horn system with a vertical array of conical horns, as well as two rear subwoofer horns.

The horns aren’t just for show either. Joes who aren’t into their audio specs, look away now…! The horns cover 100hz to 20khz, while the two rear subwoofer use a gigantic 21” neodymium woofer handling 20hz-100hz. The system as a whole is extremely efficient at 105db 1w/1m, and is entirely time aligned.

Oswalds Mill Audio OMD Imperia Speaker 3
OK, you can look back now. The wooden conical horns on the Imperia come in a few different finishes with options of solid Pennsylvania Black Walnut, Cherry or Ash, while the high frequency horn is cast by OMA from aluminium alloy.

Finished in hand rubbed oil and wax, the Imperia’s horns are preserved to ensure the wood’s natural beauty and light colour stays intact. Only the light coloured sap wood is used from each tree which, while greatly increases the amount of labour involved in the build, really takes this speaker to the next level.

Oswalds Mill Audio OMD Imperia Speaker 2
Other features on this OMA masterpiece include Black wrinkle-finish frames and a Black slate grills for the twin bass modules.

If the OMA Imperia gives you the horn like it does us, you should probably be aware that a pair of these beauties will set you back around a whopping £200,000 ($280,000)! You can see why the specs are important now. Head over to the OMA Website for more details.

Oswalds Mill Audio OMD Imperia Speaker



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