Oral B Smart Series 4000 Review

Having been an early adopter of the electric toothbrush (like seriously early), I have been through a fair few – possibly double figures. My current weapon of choice in a Philips Sonicare but I was keen to try another. Up pops the new Oral B Smart Series 4000 into my toothless life.

The Oral B Smart Series 4000 looks much the same as any other electric toothbrush – white and blue plastic casing with a soft rubber grip, multicoloured bristled heads and a little docking station for charging. It’s very traditional in looks, which whilst isn’t a bad thing it hardly blows me away either. But looks are where this thing stops being average. The brush features monitoring tech which when paired with your smart phone can give you all sorts of handy data – but more on that later.

The toothbrush itself is lightweight, easy to clean after use and surprisingly slim – which means it fits quite well into my sink-side toothbrush pot (which is good for if you have small hands unlike me). After giving it the initial charge, I was off! My first experience of this new fangled Oral B world where I had been absent from for so long was the brushing power – the power of the Smart Series can not be denied. It’s super quick and I notice that my pearly whites just FEEL nicer for longer. It’s not overly loud and there are different settings for those who wish to either freshen up with a quick brush or more intense choices for pre-date night cleaning, or post –
depending on what you’re into.


Aside from the great cleaning, this Oral B goes above and beyond to ensure that anyone who uses it is making optimal use of the technology that has been installed. The brush will monitor your technique, and you can download an app which connects your phone to the brush via bluetooth so you can keep an eye on how you’re doing. It will soon tell you if you’re brushing too hard or not allowing enough time – and then it will give you coaching on how to do it better. That’s right – teeth cleaning coaching – who would’ve thought!?

Aside from the red light that keeps flashing to tell you you’re brushing too hard (a different colour would be much less annoying at 6am) there is just one big downside to this brush, and that is the battery life. It simply doesn’t last all that long which is quite frustrating and has me reaching for my trusty Philips every few days. All the more frustrating when I know that will last a good week or two between charges or docking.

However, at a retail price of around £60 upwards, if you’re a techno geek (or the offspring of a dentist) this is a great choice – it just needs a mains lead..


Thanks to Toothstars for hooking us up on the brush!