You may think that something as simple as a wall clock is near-on impossible to reinvent. But Portuguese designer 2Ø3 (pronounced “Two O Three”) believes he’s done just that with the Orbita, a wall clock which comes with ‘revolutionary movement’.

2Ø3's Orbita Clock Comes With ‘Revolutionary Movement’

The Orbita defies the classic concept of clock. Rather than hands turning on a fixed central point, 2Ø3’s reinvention replaces them with two separate ‘turntables’ that roll on a fixed plate. Each of the wooden rings are marked with a single dash, with the outer turntable indicating minute and the central turntable indicating hour. Simple.

Meaning ‘orbit’ in English, the Orbita’s minimalist system revolves at a constant but barely perceptible speed. At its core, the design does however rely upon our learned ability to remember the positions of a conventional marked clock. But with our daily schedules only becoming increasingly more hectic, the idea of being more relaxed about timekeeping could be a welcome change.


2Ø3’s source of inspiration came from solar system with the Portuguese designer stating that the clock “represents the vast emptiness of space in the universe” as well as the “rotations of the earth, both on itself (forming days and nights) and around the sun (forming years)”.

As it stands, the Orbita clock is purely in conceptual stage. Though it did recently take second prize in the Associative Design Guilherme Award – hopefully indicating production isn’tt too far away. To see more of 2Ø3’s works, head over to the Behance Website.


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