As we’ve addressed many times here at Average Joes, space in modern living seems to be at a premium. That means brands and designers are getting creative. One such brand is Massachusetts-based Ori and their awesomely cool Robotic Furniture.

Ori Robotic Furniture

Guided by the principal that interior space has become too expensive to be static and unresponsive, Ori have designed an innovative system which uses technology and design to create environments which act and feel substantially larger than they are.

As a most basic description, Ori Robotic Furniture is a set of space saving units/bookshelves/wardrobes which, at the push of a physical button, fold out into sofa/bed/desk/whatever your limited domestic area needs.

Ori Robotic Furniture 2
Running on modular and scalable mechatronics, Ori units seamlessly glide with the light push of a button. The on-device interface uses motion sensors to light up, with pre-settings for the different possible configurations, as well as the ability to connect to other smart devices if a button is just too Neanderthal for you.

Ori Robotic Furniture 3
Ori currently offer two units; the Full System and the Queen System. The Full System is perfect for urban Joes who need a place to sleep as well as work and relax. At the touch of a button, a full-size bed slides out to offer you a full-scale bedroom as well as a living/office space. There’s an abundance of storage space and a full media console if you want to use this Ori in the living room. The Ori Queen System offers similar with the added bonus of a couch.

We absolutely love Ori and their Robotic Furniture and think they’re one of the most stylish space saving options we’ve come across recently. If you like Ori units as much as we do, head over to the Ori Website for more details.

Ori Robotic Furniture 4



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